Pierre Van Cortlandt
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Pierre Van Cortlandt
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Hope Latham
Oldstone, its original name, was built by Pierre Van Cortlandt (1721-1814), in 1760. He was the first Lieutenant Governor of the State of New York. Oldstone was owned by the Van Cortlandt family until 1884. Pierre is the son of Phillip Van Cortlandt (1683-1748), who is the son of Stephanus Van Cortlandt (1643-1700), the first native born Mayor of New York City (1677-1678, 1686-1688) and the patron of Cortlandt Manor. Pierre Van Cortlandt served briefly in the colonial forces during the American Revolution in spite of effort by the British officials to ensure his loyalty to Great Britain. Because of its strategic location on the eastern banks of the old Hudson River, Oldstone was commissioned by the United States Military and used as a military outpost during The Revolutionary War.

Pierre’s primary work was to form the political structure of the state during the war. He served as the head of the convention that wrote the first state constitution in Kingston, New York, and then was its first Lieutenant Governor until 1795 when he was succeeded by his longtime friend and business associate Governor George Clinton.

In 1884, Oldstone was purchased by Louisa Ludlow, a native of Peekskill and one of Wetchester’s first and best known entrepreneurs. She also owned the Fort Independence Hotel in Peekskill and was the proprietor of Oldstone until 1899. Now known as Oldstone Manor, the property went through a succession of brief ownerships which included Henry Morton 1899-1902, Earnest E. Slocum 1902-1903, Oscar and Catherine Greenhalge 1903-1905 and Maud Boag 1905-1914.

In 1914, Oldstone Manor was purchased by the famous Broadway producer, director and performer, Collin Kemper , a partner in the well-known theatrical production company, Wagenhals and Kemper, and his actress wife, Louise Brega-Kemper. Louise was best known by her stage name, Hope Latham.

In 1952, the Kempers sold Oldstone Manor to Austrian Chef, Frank Matzner and his wife, Martha. Chef Matzner operated a bed and breakfast at Oldstone on the Hudson with Martha’s assistance. However, Martha was not at Oldstone on the Hudson much because she owned and operated a very successful dress boutique in New York City.

In 1966 Oldstone on the Hudson became Gordon Cummings Restaurant and was owned by Mr. Cummings until 1975.

In late February 2011, Monteverde at Oldstone was purchased by the Perrott family of Scarsdale. Since the property was vacant for two years, the Perrotts’ team of master craftsmen have been working to restore Moteverde at Oldstone to its former grandeur. The Perrotts’ re-opened Monteverde at Oldstone in June 2011 for weddings, corporate events, corporate retreats, corporate off-sites and all special occasions.